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2018 Registration information

 Click HERE to register.

Dear Lacrosse players,

Thank you for your interest in playing for Dunlap Lacrosse! For more information about the Club and the season, please see our page of Frequently Asked Questions.

Lacrosse is a Spring Sport.  

There will be a Parent Meeting on February 11th at practice. ALL parents and coaches must attend.

Boys 8U, 10U 6:15 PM

Boys 12U, 14U 6:45 PM

Girls (all) 7:15 PM

Dunlap Regular Season is NO CUT.  All players make the team.  


Also see:



Sundays January 14-28 at the Louisville Slugger Dome 6:15-8:15PM

Registration information is coming November 27th!

These clinics are for new AND returning players. All players should attempt to attend. It is mandatory that all NEW players complete a beginner clinic. If they did not participate in the Fall FUNdamentals, or December 309 Lacrosse Winter Clinics, they should sign up for the Winter Warmup Clinics scheduled for January. This allows the coaches to guide beginners before season, and start their planned drills knowing the basic skills (how to hold a stick, how to throw) have been covered. There will be separate clinics for boys and girls. Girls will register by grade. In the boys' clinics, players will be separated by beginner and advanced skill levels. Boys will register by birth year ('07-'09 and '03-'06) to allow for an equal number of clinic participants of similar age range and size. Younger players will have sufficient developmental and practice opportunities during the spring season.




Registration cost

For 2018, fees are dependant on the team (see below). If a player is moved to a different team, the difference will be charged/refunded.  

  • Boys 12U/14U / Girls 14U -- $200
  • Boys 10U -- $190
  • Girls 10U -- $165
  • Boys 8U -- $150


Registration fees cover the following:

  • Eagle head helmet decal (NEW decal package available on Team Store that includes extreme logo, mohawk decals, vent decals, back panel, and number for $17).

  • Practice costs (field rental, balls etc)

  • Fees for games /tournament

  • Coach costs (US Lacrosse Membership, training fee, uniform shirt)

It is important to note that Dunlap Lacrosse did not do a player-based Fund Raiser in 2017, and we don’t plan on one in 2018. We will have a team spirit store link coming soon that will earn the league a percentage of sales. Other possible fundraising activities are being considered.






NEW UNIFORMS for 2018! Uniforms are an additional $60 (includes sublimated Shorts and Jersey) that players keep. You will be automatically directed to make the appropriate selections. U10 girls and U8 boys fees include a jersey top, but no shorts/kilt as a fee-saving measure. Shooter Shirts with player names (shirts worn under boys protective gear or girls sleeveless jersey tops) are optional and will be a separate order ($35 short sleeve) in the Team Store (click HERE). Girls leggings ($45) will also be available. Minimums apply for the team when ordering these items.




BOYS' Equipment: Helmet, gloves, shoulder pads, arm pads, stick and mouth guard are required for all players. Goalies are required to have boy’s helmet, throat guard, shoulder pads, arm pads, and shin guards. The cost can range from $150 up to $600 depending on what you buy your child.  Please see the team store to order discounted helmets etc. Goalie equipment for boys who want to play this position will be loaned free of charge by the Club. All boys at the 8U and 10U level will rotate through this position.

For 2018, Dunlap has a limited number of helmets and protective gear available to RENT. To rent gear or purchase a helmet, please visit the TEAM STORE on the DunlapREC site.

  • Boys helmets: $30
  • Boys Shoulder/chest protection: $10
  • Boys Gloves: $10
  • Boys Arm Guards: $5

If you would like to place an order for your own helmet at the team discount rate ($98) from Sportstop.com, visit the TEAM STORE on the DunlapREC site. Orders will be placed on January 5th and February 1. Orders after that time will be placed accrding to need once weekly.

For those who have pre-owned equipment that you want to sell or give away, please post it to the USED EQUIPMENT in the drop down menu under Lacrosse Equipment.


GIRLS' Equipment: Helmet (Cascade LX), approved girl’s stick, and mouth guard. Goalies are required to have boy’s helmet, throat guard, shoulder pads, arm pads, shin guards, some form of abdominal and pelvic protection, as well as padding on thighs. See the Equipment Info page. Goalie equipment for girls who want to play this position will be loaned free of charge by the Club. All girls at the 10U level will rotate through this position. To order your helmet, please visit the TEAM STORE on the DunlapREC site.