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Dunlap Rec. Association
Zero Tolerance Policy

  In an effort to encourage a positive support base for everyone, The Dunlap Rec. Association has adopted a “Zero Tolerance Policy”. The goal of this policy is not only to promote sportsmanship, but also to encourage positive and effective communication between the Dunlap Rec. Board Members, Coaches, Players, Umpires/Referees, and Parents.
  Therefore, Coaches/Directors, Family Members, and Spectators that demonstrate behavior that is detrimental to any program may be removed from that respective program.  Detrimental behavior is defined as physical and /or verbal abuse towards any participant, coach, board member, or Umpire/Referee at any time. Vulgar Language, Physical abuse, threats, or gestures WILL NOT BE TOLERATED. Fans and Coaches are expected to conduct themselves in a manner consistent with good sportsmanship and respect. Violators during Dunlap Rec. functions will be ejected from the function, and may be expelled from the program.  If it is a Coach or Director, the responsible party will be brought in front of the Dunlap Rec. Board for action up to, and including, expulsion.  Family members and Spectators who violate the zero tolerance policy may be ejected from the event and expelled from the program and all future events at the sole discretion of the board and are not entitled to a hearing before the board or an appeal of the board’s decision.
  I hereby pledge to provide positive support, care, encouragement, and sportsmanship for all players, coaches, directors, board members, umpires/referees, and fans at every game, practice or other youth event. I will promise to be a respectful fan and remember that the game is for children and not for the adults.  I will refrain from all detrimental behavior as described above.
  I have read the Dunlap Rec. Association “NO TOLERANCE” policy, and will do everything in my power to implement and abide by these rules at all times.  As a family member or spectator, I agree that my violation (as determined solely by the board) may lead to action up to, and including, expulsion, without the right to a hearing before the board or an appeal of the board’s decision.