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We at Dunlap Lacrosse look forward to fostering sportsmanship, competition, skill development and fun among our athletes. Our guiding principles follow the US Lacrosse acronym "ROOTS" which was built on the Native American traditions and beliefs. According to this acronym, at no point should winning or losing ruin the traditions of the game.


Dunlap Youth Lacrosse will achieve its mission by:

  1. Marketing the sport of lacrosse to youth of all ages to increase awareness and participation.

  2. Promoting player development by fostering a fun and fulfilling atmosphere that creates teamwork and allows each player to develop their skills to their desired level of play.

  3. Creating a closer alignment with the Dunlap High School lacrosse program and facilitating consistency in philosophy and skill sets.  

  4. Promoting the development of coaches, by working with the coaches to offer instructional courses and resources that will facilitate improvement in their skills as coaches.

  5. Promoting a respect for the game of lacrosse through fair play and sportsmanship.

  6. Teaching parents about lacrosse, and the importance of being positive, supportive spectators.